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If you are looking for a professional moving company that can provide you with a stress-free moving experience, look no further! Our trained team will keep your belongings safe and a smile on your face during the move.

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Our job is to make your life easier when relocating. That is why we offer special all-inclusive moving services, meaning that we will help you with your relocation process every step of the way, starting with packing and finishing with unpacking.

Local Full Moving Services

To relocate somewhere in Washington easily and stress-free, call You Local Moverz who will quickly prepare and transport your items anywhere in the city, and help you with the rest of the move.

Long-Distance Moving Help

Relocating cross-country? We can quickly organize you for your move and prepare everything you need to relocate to a remote location for a short time safely.

All-Inclusive Moving Services

Experienced Movers for Every Step of Relocation

Totally Easy-Going Relocation Process


Choosing Full Moving Services

Our all-encompassing services are perfect if you want to focus on other things instead of worrying about the relocation process. It is ideal for big families, seniors, business owners, and practically anyone who doesn’t want any delays or hiccups during the relocation.

Cost Effective

For a reasonable and affordable price, you get immaculate complete moving service.

Time Efficient

From start to finish, our guys are efficient and fast, so you will be on time wherever you relocate.


We use and operate with top-notch moving equipment, packing materials, and moving vehicles.

health Avoid Injuries

Our full-service movers are professionals who know how to do their job safely.


Step-by-Step Full Moving Service

So, what does a full moving service include? After we have scheduled the date and time, we arrive at your door and quickly consult about your moving preferences. We start with packing your belongings in our own packing material and loading them into our transportation trucks.

When we arrive at your new destination, we unload and carefully unpack your things, and help you reassemble and set up your belongings. Your move is now complete! We also offer special long-term and short-term storage services, as well as assembly and disassembly.

Assembly & Disassembly

Packing & Unpacking

Loading & Unloading

Transportation With 26ft Box Truck

Short & Long-Term Storage

relocation service

Full-Service Movers Cost in Washington

You’re wondering how much this all-inclusive service will cost? Don’t worry, we guarantee that you’ll get maximum service for a minimal cost! Get your free quote by clicking the button below!


2 Movers + 1 Truck


The basic package includes a FREE consultation, 2 professional movers, one 26-ft truck, and up to $25,000 insurance.

Truck, gas, and mileage

All moving materials, including moving blankets, plastic wraps, and limited packing boxes

All moving tools include but are not limited to dollies, straps, ropes, etc.

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3 Movers + 1 Truck


The silver package includes a FREE consultation, 3 professional movers, one 26-ft truck, and up to $50,000 insurance.

Truck, gas, and mileage

All moving materials, including moving blankets, plastic wraps, and up to 20 packing boxes

All moving tools include but are not limited to dollies, straps, ropes, etc.

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4 Movers + 2 Trucks


The gold package includes a FREE consultation, 4 professional movers, two 26-ft trucks, and up to $50,000 insurance.

Truck, gas, and mileage

All moving materials, including moving blankets, plastic wraps, and up to 50 packing boxes

All moving tools include but are not limited to dollies, straps, ropes, etc.

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Extra Team Member – $75/hr

Labor Only (2 Team Members) – $150/hr

Oversized Assembly & Disassembly – $65

Disposal – $65

Extra Truck (Up to 26ft box truck) – $300

Boxes (Small, Medium, Large) – $7/box

Mount & Unmounting – $65

Pet Fee – $50

Hazard fee – $100

Piano Move (With & Without Stairs) – $400/$350

Safe Move (With & Without Stairs) – $500/$450

Pool Table Move (With & Without Stairs) – $750/$700

All-Inclusive Moving Company

Our top priority is to help our customers relocate in style, without burdening you with the details. We begin with packing your belongings – we can pack even large items (pianos, hot tubs, furniture, appliances…) but also small or fragile objects (glassware, mirrors, antiques…). Our movers also load the transportation trucks and unload your things at the new address. We set up and reassemble everything for your convenience, so the only thing left to do is to sit back and relax in your new home!

Locally owned full-service moving company

Quality moving services from start to finish

Reliable staff and responsible moving crew

Completely insured and federally licensed

Full moving service at affordable prices

We specialize in

Local Moves


Long Distance Moves


Residential Moves (Apartment, Condo, House)


Commercial Moves (Office, Small Business, Gym, Restaurant…)


Heavy Items Moves (Piano, Safe, Appliance, Furniture, Hot Tub…)


FAQ About The Complete Moving Services

We welcome all the questions you have. Tell us what you want to know and our friendly staff will inform you about everything. You can also read the questions we are often asked.

What is an all-inclusive moving service?

All-inclusive or full moving service includes our professional help with everything about your relocation from start to finish: packing and unpacking, disassembly and assembly, loading and unloading, transportation, and storage service.

How do I prepare for a full moving service?

This is the best part – you don’t have to do virtually anything! Yours is just to give us instructions and supervise while we do the hard part.

How many movers do I need for a complete relocation?

The number of movers you require depends on the type and the quantity of the things we move. You can hire two or more movers for your move, but it is wise to get a free online quote and see the exact number of movers your type of move requires.

Do you do full business reloaction?

Yes, in addition to residential moves, we also offer office and business relocations and full moving services at excellent prices.

Is a full moving service expensive?

Complete moving service costs more than an ordinary moving service. However, at the end of the day, when you put everything on paper you will see that you will pay even more if you pay for the services separately and call a third party.

Is there a way to cut the cost of the complete service?

The best way to reduce the costs of your move is to declutter, that is to give away or throw away stuff you no longer need or use. That way you’ll have less stuff that your movers will have to move.

What Our Clients Say

Our 5-star rating shows how dedicated we are to what we do. Check out what our past clients experienced during their move with our moving team!

We Serve 5 States In The US

Our dedicated movers cover five states in the US. Our team in Kansas City covers Missouri and Kansas, while our team from Washington covers Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and DC. Check out the details of our moving service area in the list below!


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St. Louis




Lee's Summit



Overland Park

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We are considered a reputable moving company in Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and DC. Our business has also been approved by more than 100+ platforms online!

Licensed & Insured

One of the most important factors in choosing a moving company is its legitimacy because not every mover is a licensed mover.
Don't worry, we have all the necessary licences for providing moving services which makes us a safe option for your next move. If you want to check our license, you can do that by using the license number you can find below.

License: LC014470224

MC 1308258

DOT 3718962

about owners

Safety, Integrity And Transparency


Seida started his entrepreneurial journey during college, to recognize and seize opportunities. After completing his bachelor's degree in Structural Engineering from Kansas State University, he embarked on a mission to build a moving company centered around three principles: safety, integrity, and transparency. With over a decade of experience in the moving industry, he strongly believes these principles have stood the test of time. His ultimate aim is to revolutionize the moving industry and make Your Local Moverz a household name. When he is not busy saving the world, you can find him spending time with his two children or hiking a new trail he recently discovered.


Kyree, born and raised in Missouri, had a passion for entrepreneurship. To him, it was an opportunity to take control of his destiny and create opportunities for others in the community. Watching his grandfather build his construction company, he witnessed firsthand the impact of reliable and efficient service within the community, which sparked a passion within him for excellence. His goal is to build a moving company with a reputation for excellence, which can only be accomplished by building trust through dedication and commitment to providing exceptional services and fostering meaningful connections within the community. When he is not chasing his passion, you will find him, his family, and his dog cooking and exploring new places and cultures.

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